Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

linear/nonlinear, static/dynamic, impact, fatigue, thermal analysis, etc.


Our Mission


  • FEAmax LLC provides low cost, reliable and professional finite elemenet analysis (FEA) engineering consulting services over the internet. Using the power of the internet we are able to participate in your design projects just as effectively as being in your office. We help solve all types of mechanical engineering and structure engineering analysis problems.
  • To determine the accurate quote on FEA analysis project, please send us:
  • 3D CAD model, or 2D drawings with all dimension information

    The detailed load conditon

    What are your main concerns from the analysis


Area of Expertise

  • Structure Stress Analysis

    • Linear/Nonlinear Analysis
    • FEA Static stress Analysis
    • FEA Dynamic Analysis
    • Transient Impact Analysis

      Modal Analysis

      Random Vibration Analysis

      Harmonic Analysis

      Spectrum Stress Analysis

      Fracture Analysis

    • FEA Fatigue Analysis
    • FEA Buckling Analysis
  • Thermal Stress Analysis

    • Steady State Analysis
    • Transient Analysis
    • Conduction Analysis
    • Convection Analysis
    • Radiation Analysis
    • Phase Change Analysis
  • Electromagnetics FEA Services

    • Low Frequency Stress Analysis
    • High Frequency Stress Analysis
  • Design Optimization FEA Consulting

  • Couple Fields FEA Engineering Services

Description of Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

    FEA is a numerical simulation tool used to predict structure response to the given load/testing condition, optimize the product design, determine the structure strength, deformation, temperature, weak area, etc.

    The intent is to find out potential design issues and allow for design/process changes before the prototype stage thereby improving structure strength, safety, reliability, reducing costs due to structure optimization and late changes, saving project redesign and testing time, etc.

    The FEA provides a virtual product performance testing on the CAD model, like the physical testing on the prototype or real product. It could find out potential design issues and determine the design direction in the very early stage of the development cycle.

Outputs of FEA simulation

    Deflection (determine the max structure deformation)

    Stress distribution (determine the max stress, weak areas)

    Strain distribution (determine the max strain, weak areas)

    Safety factor (determine the structure fail or not)

    Temperature distribution

    Buckling strength (determine buckle failure or not)

    Reaction force (determine the force transfer between components)